A new way of interacting

Today, mobile devices with touch-sensitive displays are part of virtually every household’s equipment. Mobile phones are smart, powerful, connected to the Internet and truly omnipresent. In Germany, 80% of citizens use a smartphone and over 47% of all households have tablet computers. Virtual experiences shape our daily lives – today communication and media consumption are often digital-only.

Video and music streaming, e-books, news, games and educational applications – all fields that have opened up new qualities and audiences for digital interactions. The Augmented Reality (AR) techniques have ushered in the next step in the digitization of our world of experience – putting digital objects in the context of the real world and enabling direct interactions.

Connected worlds between real and almost real contexts open up completely new spaces of perception. Smart physical objects containing active or passive electronic components play a central role in the Internet of Things environment. They combine, e.g. via internet, bluetooth or near field communication, with other objects and virtual environments.

With Pengsquare Koriander Touch, we are completing this digitization portfolio for a networked world with physical objects that are technically easy to produce and do not contain any electronic components.

Want to hear more details? Stay tuned…

The Pengsquare Team