Learning is key.

With a new platform, it’s all about learning! What are you doing right, what are you doing wrong? Those are the central questions to answer. In addition to one-to-one interviews, broad surveys are always a good way to get some feedback. We build a small catalog of questions and went to the well known, widely used survey platforms for getting an actual survey of the ground.

But you know what? We did not like the way those platforms work, how the look and also what they learn about our audience. We were discussing this intensively in the founding team and decided to give it two days of development time and build our own little feedback engine. Actually, if you have a platform like Pengsquare in place already, adding a little survey feature is not very hard to add: some DB tables, a bit of UI and some binding logic. Put a little analysis cherry on top and et voila – one and a half days later you have your own, scalable and super flexible solution in place.

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Now we only need to wait for the first results, understand them and make strategic decision based on that… I guess, that’s the harder part.


The Pengsquare Team

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