So this week we took a spin together with an external UX expert and who would have guessed it – we found some things that need a second look!

This time was spent so right! When developing a platform like Pengsquare, even as an experienced development team, you tend to loose track of usability, as you know the process in and out. You know the concepts by heart and you sometimes stop to put on the users hat. The beta users are a great source for feedback, but an UX expert brings super valuable skill and insights, that are hard to obtain otherwise.

Often, it is not only about the position of a button,  or information layout, but some very central questions are asked. Like: what does the platform do? Does the landing page explain that good enough already? Is everything as clear and accessible it is? Having those answered both, by beta users and experts is of great value.

We learnt a lot this week and we’ll definitely continue this.

The Pengsquare Team

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  1. oqcQHH Thanks for sharing this excellent post. Very inspiring! (as always, btw)

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